Dogodki in novice

Visiting professor: Slovene

On Monday the 23rd of September, the students of Gimnazija Vič had a chance to attend a lecture on the History of Slavic languages and the Slavic alphabet, given by Dr Vanda Babič. Dr Babič is a professor at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana and this lecture was a part of her regular classes given on Slavic languages.

Dr Babič was invited to our school by our Slovene teacher Ms Jana Ozimek in order to present different aspects of the history of the language since the topic has close links to both history and Slovene as subjects at school. For example, we were told about the works of Cyril and Methodius - Christian theologians and Christian missionaries who influenced the cultural development of the Slavic people, especially in terms of religion. Students were also shown shapes of Russian and Slavic letters, specific alphabets, and their development from the 6th Century through to the present day.

We would like to thank Dr Babič for taking the time to come to our school to give such an interesting lecture and for our teacher for organising this as part of our class.

Eva Brank, 3F

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