Dogodki in novice

Bober competition 2019

On 12th January 2019, a group of students from Gimnazija Vič joined others from Slovenia and around the world in taking part in this year’s Bober competition. This competition tests students in their knowledge and skills in computional thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving.

In order to take part in the competition which was held in Maribor, Slovenia’s second biggest city, students had to succeed in an initial stage which was held in their own schools.

The team from our school was made up of thirteen students and we are happy to say there was great success across the board.

1st Year
Domen Jurkovič, Gold award (1st place in Slovenia)
Anja Rupnik, Gold award
Jernej Kogovšek, Silver award

2nd Year
Jakob Schrader, Gold award (1st place in Slovenia)
Eva Juvanc, Silver award

4th Year
Jon Mikoš, Gold award (1st place in Slovenia)
Blaž Košir, Silver award

Well done to all the students and great thanks must to go the teachers and mentors who have worked hard with them through the year.

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