Dogodki in novice

International Day of Tolerance 2018

As part of the range of different projects and events taking place around the world to mark the UN’s International Day of Tolerance, the UNESCO club from Gimnazija Vič organised a week of displays around the school to encourage people to think about the theme of tolerance in society.

The presentations included posters, messages written on the stairs of the school, and displays in other parts of the building. In these different styles the themes covered included insulting and defamatory language, the UN declaration on the principle of tolerance, how defamation is dealt in with Slovenian law, and other perspectives of this broad and important matter.

In addition, students took part in discussions on the theme of defamation and had the chance to write about their own ideas and experiences connected to the topic.

With the presentations and conversations raising some challenging points, this was a valuable way of getting students and teachers to take time to focus on this important aspect of our modern world and the damage caused by defamation and intolerance.

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