Dogodki in novice

Gardening at Gimnazija Vič

At Gimnazija Vič we work hard to make sure that the surroundings provide a good atmosphere both for the students and those who work here. This is an important factor in the building itself, in the different classrooms, and in the garden areas we have at the front and back of the school.

At the start of November, a group of over 50 students worked with their mentor for several days to fix some of the issues with the gardens and to prepare it for winter and the new year ahead.

With the digging of flower beds, the removal of some plants that had seen better days, the reorganisation of the areas for growing plants around the building, and much more besides, they all worked hard to make sure that next year's school garden will provide a wonderful spectacle and a boost to our spirits.

Thanks from everyone at the school to those who took time to be part of this project and who worked to improve our immediate environment.

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