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MiniMUN 2017

On 3rd October 2017, the UNESCO Club of Gimnazija Vič organised MiniMUN 2017, a one day simulation of other larger MUN (Model United Nations) conferences. The conference took place at Gimnazija Vič and was sponsored by Nektar Natura and Rauch Slovenia. The aim of MiniMUN 2017 was to spread the idea of being a global citizen, responsibility, critical thinking, and cooperation in order to find solutions to global problems.

The MiniMUN 2017 executive team consisted of a president, Una Haznadar, and two co-chairs, Ira Lozar Zajec and Nik Žnidaršič, who lead the debate, the secretary general, Lara Bogme, and deputy secretary general, Julia Vulić, who dealt with organisational matters, our project mentors, Tadeja Rudolf Vahtar and Helena Potočnik Vičar, and a team of administrative assistants who helped during the conference itself.

Around 60 students and mentors, from five different Slovenian schools, participated and were put in the role of delegates where they had to represent a nation’s view on the topic debated, “The Question of the Death Penalty”. Together they discussed possible solutions and wrote a resolution, which at the end of the conference was voted upon and passed.

In between lobbying, debating, amending, and writing a resolution, students, put in the role of delegates, were judged based on their creativity, diplomacy, arguments, and involvement in the debate.

Two delegates stood out and were awarded the best delegate award, Tilen Kolar (Gimnazija Ptuj) and Alenka Gosarič (Gimnazija Vič), and five others were given an honourable mention.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to MiniMUN 2017 and helped it become as successful as it was.

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