Dogodki in novice


The month of September saw a number of special events to mark the beginning of a new school year.

As well as welcoming back students who are continuing with their four years of education with us, we took time to make sure that those who were joining us from other schools felt as though they were part of their new class groups, and of course had a special range of projects and activities to bring the new generation of first year students in as valuable members of the school community.

These consisted of games and exercises so that everyone got to know who made up the rest of their new class group, a chance to become acquainted with their new teachers and other members of the school team, and a couple of days of camp away from the school itself so that the focus could really be on building strong bonds within their new academic group.

In addition, the annual “Fazanski Krst” (literally “Pheasants’ Baptism”) celebration had the older members of the student community come up with a range of challenges to give the new classes a chance to compete against each other. The theme of this year’s event was “On a desert island!” and with the great variety of games, the entertaining sketches, and some great musical performances from different students, it was certainly a great start to the new school year.

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