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Photography exhibition: “Night Photography”

The opening of the “Night Photography” exhibition took place on 9 January 2020.

75 different photos were displayed by Maja Mihelič, Jernej Kogovšek, Klemen Hafner, Matej Mivšek, and Gaja Bergant who are all students from our second year. The group was organised and mentored by Tina Ramujkić, a professional photographer. All the students participating in the exhibition were part of a beginner photography course at Gimnazija Vič.

Our school held this beginner photography course over the last year for everyone who was interested in developing their skills in this area. Students on the course learned about cameras and their settings as well as how to edit in Photoshop. After a year of learning all about photography they decided to put some of their photographs on show. The theme “Night Photography” enabled them to take photos freely wherever they could and this led to a great variety of themes, locations, and ideas.

This project has been so valuable as all the students involved got the chance to learn about photography in depth and have fun with expressing their creativity which was then exhibited for many other students to see.

Gaja Bregant, 2F
Member of the Photography Club

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