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Prešeren Day 2019: Art and Culture display

On Monday 11th February 2019, a group of Gimnazija Vič students put on a celebratory play titled “V daljavi slišim teči reko v reki” (In the distance I hear a river flowing within a river). This short celebration marked the official opening of the school’s art group’s new exhibition.

Furthermore, it was a celebration of Slovenia’s national poet, France Prešeren.

The performances took place in our school’s main hall. Three shows were carried out for students of our school and one, in the evening, was open to outside guests as well.

The task of organising the event was undertaken by Nika Rupnik and Maj Priveršek, who had at their disposal many talented and enthusiastic young artists. With their help, they put together a unique show beginning with a short introduction and the singing of the national anthem, followed by the reading of prose and poetry, dancing, and singing. People could also immerse themselves in the specially-composed music, written for this event by another student, Vid Šketa.

In the evening, the event ended with a speech by Jana Ozimek, a Slovene teacher at our school, and the school’s principal Alenka Krapež, both thanking the efforts of our students and of academic painter Skender Bajrović, who had worked with the art group from November to February, giving guidance and advice.

Over twenty paintings were unveiled, many of which are now on display on the walls of our school.

Maj Priveršek
Member of the Gimnazija Vič art group

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