Dogodki in novice

A new school spiral

Gimnazija Vič has always taken pride in providing a pleasant and positive atmosphere both inside and outside the school building.

At the start of November, the look of our school surroundings was improved even more thanks to the work of our school’s gardening group.

As well as tending to the essential elements of preparing the plants and trees around our school for winter, a group of eager students worked with Ksenija Švigelj Mastikosa, the group's mentor, and some of our cleaning and groundskeeping staff to create a new spiral at the main entrance of the school.

The symbol of the spiral is closely connected to our school and can be seen in a range of different ways from our official stationery to the architecture of our main building.

With this new addition, we look forward to seeing our logo in bloom and are sure it will grab the attention of those visiting our school in the future.

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