LEARNING – Research and competitions

In addition to regular classes, students with a particular flair or enthusiasm for a subject are given the chance to work with their teachers and other mentors to go far beyond what is mentioned in the standard curriculum.

Research work is viewed as so important because it encourages independent thought among the students. The work with other educational institutions proves beneficial as it allows our students to build a network of contacts in their chosen field of study.

Gimnazija Vič is known for having achieved great results in competitions at both a national and international level. We are proud of having won many awards and commendations for the work done by our students at contests and Olympiads around the world.

Students also have the opportunity to further their knowledge in different areas by attending the various lectures and presentations organised by our school. At these events, experts from Slovenia and other countries are invited to share their knowledge on a broad range of topics from across all the subjects taught here.