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A wide range of projects and activities take place at Gimnazija Vič both inside and outside the classroom. This is your opportunity to find out more about these through the summaries and reports presented here through the school year.

Open Day 2023

On 17th and 18th February, Gimnazija Vič joined other schools and colleges across Slovenia in opening our doors to potential students and giving people the chance to find out more about the classes and many other activities which take place at our school.

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Budapest visit – February 2023

On 17th February, a small delegation from our English department travelled to Budapest to meet up with our colleagues from Közgazdasági Politechnikum Alternatív Gimnázium, one of our partner schools in creative projects.

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Jordan excursion

At the start of February, students of Gimnazija Vič were given the chance to spending their winter holidays in Jordan. Before the trip, meetings were held and information was shared about the places we would visit which allowed us to build up more excitement about our travel plans.

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Literary event – January 2023

On the 23rd January, our school’s literature circle organised a special evening titled Užitek, čim večkrat se vrni (Beloved sensation, return often and take me). The main theme of the performances and the poems that were read was pleasure. The subtitle was taken from Return, a well-known piece of work by the famous poet Constantine P. Cavafy and the evening began with an expressive dance based on this poem.

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Book Club: Christmas 2022

Our school’s English language book club was happy to be able to continue with its plan for the school year by having a special event to mark Christmas and the festive season on 13th December.

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Slovenian Book Fair 2022

Creativity has no limits. With this in mind, students from Gimnazija Vič showed innovation and maturity at the Slovenian Book Fair this year. Three 4th year students (Nina Smole, David Zupan, and Katja Schrader) took part in a discussion on Ibsen's Nora (A Doll's House) - this year's final reading - and talked about freedom and its limits, how Nora was able to free herself in the face of society's expectations, and the inner humiliation of a partner's relationship.

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Astronomy Club: Viewing the solar eclipse

Halloween 2022

Book Club donations

Student book launch – Rok Sušnik

Welcoming our new students 2022

Jazz evening 2022

Language Week 2022

Science presentation – Studying and working in STEM areas

Art competition – “Travelling and Existing in Space”

A new school year 2022/23

Exam results 2021/22

Micro Story Competition 2022

Art exhibition – May 2022

Haiku Competitions 2022

Young Researchers of Slovenia 2022

“Be a Writer” competition 2022

Musicals@Vic 2022

Excursion to Krapina

Octopus Project

Blood drive – April 2022

IATEFL English Competition 2022

Literary event – 23 March 2022

GrinVič frog project

Belgian exchange: March 2022

US Embassy Project – Black History Month 2022

Open Day 2022

IATEFL video competition 2022

School visit: Erasmus+ group, January 2022

Decorating our classrooms (Christmas 2021)

Celebrating Independence and Unity

Greeting cards for the elderly

Field trip to Novo Mesto

“OD-KLOP” student performances

Video competition: “Keep it Cool”

Translation Workshop - #TranslatingEurope

For more events, see the archive.