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A wide range of projects and activities take place at Gimnazija Vič both inside and outside the classroom. This is your opportunity to find out more about these through the summaries and reports presented here through the school year.

Astronomy Club: Viewing the solar eclipse

On Tuesday, 25 October 2022, the Gimnazija Vič astronomy club organised a special project to make the most of the partial solar eclipse which could be seen from Slovenia. This phenomenon occurs when the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are perfectly aligned in the same plane of rotation.

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Halloween 2022

On 25th October, the school’s English language book club was delighted to be able to organise an event for Halloween. Such things were unable to take place during Covid-related restrictions so it was a great return to tradition for our older students and a fantastic chance to experience something new for our younger generations.

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Book Club donations

At the start of October, the Gimnazija Vič English Book Club arranged its first meeting of the new school year. Although the group has been running in some form for over a decade now, this marks a new type of organisation with a more structured reading programme for those students who are already very confident readers.

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Student book launch – Rok Sušnik

On 11th October, I had the opportunity to present my English-Slovene poetry collection, Ego, to an auditorium full of literature-loving students and teachers. The collection, which was published at the end of last term and made under the mentorship of Blanka Klobučar and Tim Gallagher, also features illustrations done by one of our now-former students, Maja Puklavec.

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Jazz evening 2022

On Friday 30th September, Gimnazija Vič hosted the school’s first ever Jazz Evening to showcase the style of music from our own students and from those who share an appreciation of jazz performance from outside our school.

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Language Week 2022

While the school year always begins with plenty to arrange and organise across all subjects, the language departments go straight into planning for the last week of September which is when our school celebrates Language Week.

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Exam results 2021/22

As always, students across all our four years had exams to take towards the end of the school year. While our first three year groups have regular class tests so they can move up to the next stage of their education with us, those in their final year have to sit the Matura exams. These are state exams for those who are finishing this level of education and allow students to continue with their academic path by getting a place at university.

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Micro Story Competition 2022

One of the most successful creative writing projects organised by our school is linked to the writing of micro stories. These short tales are restricted to a maximum of a hundred words so there is a definite challenge in making sure that you grab the reader’s attention and demonstrate your skills with the use of language within such a limit.

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Haiku Competitions 2022

Through this school year, a team of creative mentors at Gimnazija Vič were hard at work to organise competitions for haiku poetry at both a national and international level.

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Young Researchers of Slovenia 2022

“Be a Writer” competition 2022

Musicals@Vic 2022

Excursion to Krapina

Octopus Project

Blood drive – April 2022

IATEFL English Competition 2022

Literary event – 23 March 2022

GrinVič frog project

Belgian exchange: March 2022

US Embassy Project – Black History Month 2022

Open Day 2022

IATEFL video competition 2022

School visit: Erasmus+ group, January 2022

Decorating our classrooms (Christmas 2021)

Celebrating Independence and Unity

Greeting cards for the elderly

Field trip to Novo Mesto

“OD-KLOP” student performances

Video competition: “Keep it Cool”

Translation Workshop - #TranslatingEurope

Language Week 2021

A New School Year – September 2021

Exam Results 2020/21

World Book Night 2021

International Haiku Competition 2021

IATEFL National Competitions 2021

Open Day 2021

International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

Case Study competition 2021

Greetings cards for the elderly

Merry Day of Culture 2020

Online lectures and presentations (Slovene): November 2020

Distance learning: October 2020

New School Year (2020/21)

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