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A wide range of projects and activities take place at Gimnazija Vič both inside and outside the classroom. This is your opportunity to find out more about these through the summaries and reports presented here through the school year.

Open Day 2021

With public health restrictions still in place, it was impossible for the annual Gimnazija Vič open day sessions to take place as usual. However, in the weeks leading up to the traditional date for this occasion, teachers, students, and members of the school leadership worked together to make sure that those young people who are making plans for the next steps in their educational journey would be able to find out more about our school and the many things we have to offer.

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Case Study competition 2021

During the third week of January 2021, our students participated in the annual competition called Case Study, organised by the University Of Maribor Faculty Of Organizational Sciences in collaboration with the France Prešeren Gymnasium. Due to global events, this year’s competition was held online.

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Greetings cards for the elderly

While our students are involved in the distance-learning programme, teachers across all subjects are doing their best to give opportunities to take part in different projects and activities to allow for experiences outside the standard curriculum.

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Merry Day of Culture 2020

Although Slovenia celebrates its official cultural holiday on 8 February every year, many people also enjoy a similar occasion on 3 December. This is due to the date marking the birthday of France Prešeren, the national poet of Slovenia. Cultural events and celebrations take place across the country and Gimnazija Vič is no exception.

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New School Year (2020/21)

Like other primary and secondary schools across Slovenia, Gimnazija Vič opened its doors again on 1st September to a brand new generation of students and to those who are moving up through the years during their time with us.

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Exam results 2019/20

The end of the school year is marked by students in our first three year groups getting their reports and final grades for the year while our final year students have to sit their Matura exams, the state exams for those finishing the “gimnazija” type of secondary school in Slovenia.

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World Book Night 2020

In the Gimnazija Vič English department, some of the highlights of the school year are connected to our annual celebration of World Book Night. With our creative writing competition, a number of literary-based classes and projects in the lead-up to the occasion, and a special event to mark the day itself, it has been established as a key moment in the calendar.

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Creative work: Life during a pandemic

Although our school doors have been closed since mid-March as part of the Slovenian government’s plan to limit the spread of COVID-19, students have been working hard through our online systems and with the help of their teachers to make sure that they keep on top of the curriculum and have a chance to express themselves.

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School Closure (Coronavirus)

Like other schools and colleges across Slovenia, Gimnazija Vič followed the instructions of the Slovenian government and closed its doors on 13th March 2020. This decision was taken to protect the health of those who study and work in the school building by limiting social interaction in an attempt to halt the spread of Covid-19.

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Open Day 2020

On 14th and 15th February 2020, Gimnazija Vič joined schools and colleges across Slovenia in opening our doors to future generations of students.

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Musicals@Vič 2020

Drama group: Day centre visit

Guest Lecture: Vlasta Nussdorfer

National Climbing Competition 2020

90th Anniversary: School Architecture

BOBER Competition 2020

Photography exhibition: “Night Photography”

IATEFL video competition 2020

Photography exhibition: “Our Landscapes”

Get to know our language teachers

Acrobatics: National schools' championship 2019/20

Book Club: Christmas 2019

School visit: Austria

90th anniversary concert

A new school spiral

Environmental cooperation projects

Book Club: Halloween 2019

School visit: Estonia

MiniMUN 2019

City of Ljubljana athletics 2019

Visiting professor: Slovene

Welcoming a new generation of students (2019)

Exam results (2018/19)

School Visit: The USA

World Book Night 2019

International Haiku Competition 2019

National Competition: English (IATEFL)

Slovene Drama Group: Arsenic and Old Lace

Visiting Lecturer: English

Prešeren Day 2019: Art and Culture display

Open Day 2019

Musicals@Vič 2019

Bober competition 2019

Visiting Writer: Veno Taufer

IATEFL video competition 2019

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