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A wide range of projects and activities take place at Gimnazija Vič both inside and outside the classroom. This is your opportunity to find out more about these through the summaries and reports presented here through the school year.

VičMUN 2023

Gimnazija Vič hosted its first Model United Nations (MUN) conference since the COVID-19 pandemic on the 29th and 30th of September 2023.

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Language Week 2023

Between 25th and 29th September 2023, the students and teachers of Gimnazija Vič organised and took part in a number of different projects and activities to mark our traditional celebration of Language Week.

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Cutting Edge conference

On Thursday, 21st September 2023, some students of Gimnazija Vič were invited to participate and present their projects at the Cutting Edge conference, which took place at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Ljubljana. We participated in a special section of the conference called Young Minds, which was a new addition to this year’s conference and was designed to allow students with a passion for science to discuss their research.

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Exam results 2022/23

Before the long summer break begins, all four year groups at Gimnazija Vič have different exams and tests to take as a way of showing their progress across the different subjects studied.

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Literary event – Ithaca

On 14th June, students from our school’s Slovene literature club organised a special literary event. Students from all local schools were welcome to attend and listen to the great variety of short literary works being read by Gimnazija Vič students.

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IATEFL English Competition 2023

Through the school year, students from our 3rd Year classes have taken part in a range of different tests as part of the competition for the IATEFL organisation in Slovenia. These start at a school level before moving on to cover the different regions across Slovenia. Then the students who have proved themselves to be in the top group for the country take part at the national level competition.

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World Book Night 2023

On 20th April, students from schools around Ljubljana came to Gimnazija Vič to join in with our event for World Book Night. This is a way of celebrating books and literature while also encouraging people to find time for reading as part of their regular routine.

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Health Week 2023

IATEFL video competition 2023

KarMUN Conference – March 2023

MiniMUN – Kranj Conference

Blood drive 2023

Young Athlete of the Year 2022

Open Day 2023

Budapest visit – February 2023

Jordan excursion

School exchange – Netherlands

Musicals@Vič 2023

Literary event – January 2023

MiniMUN Conference

School Visit: Italy – January 2023

Physics Advent calendar – December 2022

ART photography course

Christmas and New Year concert 2022

Book Club: Christmas 2022

Slovenian Book Fair 2022

World Show Dance Championship 2022

US Embassy guests

Astronomy Club: Viewing the solar eclipse

Halloween 2022

Book Club donations

Student book launch – Rok Sušnik

Welcoming our new students 2022

Jazz evening 2022

Language Week 2022

Science presentation – Studying and working in STEM areas

Art competition – “Travelling and Existing in Space”

A new school year 2022/23

Exam results 2021/22

Micro Story Competition 2022

Art exhibition – May 2022

Haiku Competitions 2022

For more events, see the archive.