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Event archive

World Book Night 2024
IATEFL Video Competition 2024
IATEFL English Competition 2024
Visiting Theatre Group: Božekako
Theatre Group: The Naked Pianist
Exchange with the Netherlands – Part Two
World Scholars Cup 2024 – Regional Round
MUN Conference – Budapest 2024
Open day 2024
School exchange with the Netherlands
Musicals@Vič 2024
Physics in Advent 2023
Christmas 2023
MUNLawS conference – December 2023
Literary event – “Memory and Premonition”
MUN Conference – November 2023
Halloween 2023
VičMUN 2023
Language Week 2023
Cutting Edge conference
A new school year – 2023/24
Exam results 2022/23
Science Olympiad 2023
Literary event – Ithaca
Vičstock 2023
School visit: Singapore – May 2023
IATEFL English Competition 2023
School exchange – Netherlands – Part two
Erasmus+ Green STEM project
World Book Night 2023
Health Week 2023
IATEFL video competition 2023
KarMUN Conference – March 2023
MiniMUN – Kranj Conference
Blood drive 2023
Young Athlete of the Year 2022
Open Day 2023
Budapest visit – February 2023
Jordan excursion
School exchange – Netherlands
Musicals@Vič 2023
Literary event – January 2023
MiniMUN Conference
School Visit: Italy – January 2023
Physics Advent calendar – December 2022
ART photography course
Christmas and New Year concert 2022
Book Club: Christmas 2022
Slovenian Book Fair 2022
World Show Dance Championship 2022
US Embassy guests
Astronomy Club: Viewing the solar eclipse
Halloween 2022
Book Club donations
Student book launch – Rok Sušnik
Welcoming our new students 2022
Jazz evening 2022
Language Week 2022
Science presentation – Studying and working in STEM areas
Art competition – “Travelling and Existing in Space”
A new school year 2022/23
Exam results 2021/22
Micro Story Competition 2022
Art exhibition – May 2022
Haiku Competitions 2022
Young Researchers of Slovenia 2022
“Be a Writer” competition 2022
Musicals@Vic 2022
Excursion to Krapina
Octopus Project
Blood drive – April 2022
IATEFL English Competition 2022
Literary event – 23 March 2022
GrinVič frog project
Belgian exchange: March 2022
US Embassy Project – Black History Month 2022
Open Day 2022
IATEFL video competition 2022
School visit: Erasmus+ group, January 2022
Decorating our classrooms (Christmas 2021)
Celebrating Independence and Unity
Greeting cards for the elderly
Field trip to Novo Mesto
“OD-KLOP” student performances
Video competition: “Keep it Cool”
Translation Workshop - #TranslatingEurope
Language Week 2021
A New School Year – September 2021
Exam Results 2020/21
World Book Night 2021
International Haiku Competition 2021
IATEFL National Competitions 2021
Open Day 2021
International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021
Case Study competition 2021
Greetings cards for the elderly
Merry Day of Culture 2020
Online lectures and presentations (Slovene): November 2020
Distance learning: October 2020
New School Year (2020/21)
Exam results 2019/20
World Book Night 2020
International Haiku Competition 2020
Creative work: Life during a pandemic
School Closure (Coronavirus)
Open Day 2020
Musicals@Vič 2020
Drama group: Day centre visit
Guest Lecture: Vlasta Nussdorfer
National Climbing Competition 2020
90th Anniversary: School Architecture
BOBER Competition 2020
Photography exhibition: “Night Photography”
IATEFL video competition 2020
Photography exhibition: “Our Landscapes”
Get to know our language teachers
Acrobatics: National schools' championship 2019/20
Book Club: Christmas 2019
School visit: Austria
90th anniversary concert
A new school spiral
Environmental cooperation projects
Book Club: Halloween 2019
School visit: Estonia
MiniMUN 2019
City of Ljubljana athletics 2019
Visiting professor: Slovene
Welcoming a new generation of students (2019)
Exam results (2018/19)
School Visit: The USA
World Book Night 2019
International Haiku Competition 2019
National Competition: English (IATEFL)
Slovene Drama Group: Arsenic and Old Lace
Visiting Lecturer: English
Prešeren Day 2019: Art and Culture display
Open Day 2019
Musicals@Vič 2019
Bober competition 2019
Visiting Writer: Veno Taufer
IATEFL video competition 2019
Ljubljana Air Rifle Competition 2018
World Human Rights Day 2018
Book Club: Christmas 2018
Schools’ National Acrobatics Championship 2018
IDPD 2018
International Day of Tolerance 2018
Juvenes Translatores (Young Translators) 2018
Photography exhibition: Cityscapes
Gardening at Gimnazija Vič
Astronomy Olympiad 2018
Book Club: Halloween 2018
Visiting lecturer: English
Debate tournament 2018
Welcoming our new students
MiniMUN 2018
City of Ljubljana athletics
“Cinema under the Stars”
European Language Week 2018
“Education is GREAT” university event
Haiku event
Exam results (2017/18)
World Book Night 2018
Open Day 2018
A night at the musicals
BOOK CLUB: Christmas 2017
BOOK CLUB: Halloween 2017
MiniMUN 2017
SCHOOL VISIT: The Netherlands
Exam Results (2016/17)
GENIUS Olympiad 2017
NATIONAL AWARD: "The Apple of Inspiration"
A trip to natural reserve Škocjanski zatok
SCHOOL VISIT: Republic of Korea
Model United Nations: Ptuj 2017
Creative writing competitions
Open Day 2017
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Belgium - Exchange
Moden United Nations: “Connected - In Search of Solutions”
Book Club: Halloween 2016
A new school year
Exam results
International competitions and Olympiads 2015/16
Erasmus+ 5th International meeting - CARTAGENA
World Book Night 2016
International Haiku Competition: Budapest 2016
ERASMUS+ 4th International meeting - Elefsina
Open Day 2016
An Exchange with the Netherlands
Author visit: Matt Dickinson
ERASMUS+ 3rd International meeting - REYKJAVIK
Halloween 2015
ERASMUS+ 2nd International meeting - TRIESTE & LJUBLJANA
ERASMUS+ 1st International meeting - VAASA