Dogodki in novice

Model United Nations: Ptuj 2017

At the start of April, students and mentors from a number of different countries met at the Slovenian town of Ptuj for an international Model United Nations conference with the general theme of “Live and Let Live”.

Our school was represented by students from 2nd and 3rd Years and they were joined at the event and through the preparations by their mentors, Helena Potočnik Vičar and Tadeja Rudolf Vahtar. As well as schools from Slovenia, there were groups from Austria, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, and Russia.

With the range of countries speaking in mind, all speeches and negotiations were held in English and this was one of the challenges to be faced by our students. They worked hard to be comfortable and confident in their use of the language and had extra sessions with Blanka Klobučar and Tim Gallagher from our school’s English department to ensure they had the very highest level of preparation in terms of what they wanted to put forward at the event.

Different themes were covered through the four days of talks and that raised another issue for the students involved as they were there to represent the national interests and opinions of the countries they were given to represent, rather than putting across their own views. This was especially pertinent when the topics for discussion were of a controversial nature.

In addition, everyone involved had to be familiar with the formal rules involved for all the negotiations and debates. From the style of speeches to the dress code for events, there was much to pay attention to regarding the protocols for being part of a MUN delegation.

However, these challenges were faced with enthusiasm and the delegates from our school achieved great success throughout the event. As well as a range of our proposals and resolutions being selected for further discussion by the groups, individual members of the national delegations were selected for commendation. Congratulations to Boštjan Ažman, Una Haznadar, Katrina Mencin, Alenka Gosarič, Lara Bogme, and Julia Vulić who all received particular praise for the quality of their arguments and presentation skills.

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