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Case Study competition 2021

During the third week of January 2021, our students participated in the annual competition called Case Study, organised by the University Of Maribor Faculty Of Organizational Sciences in collaboration with the France Prešeren Gymnasium. Due to global events, this year’s competition was held online.

Our students formed two out of the eight participating teams. Anže Čertanec, Maja Kalin, Alja Dostal, Gal Gantar, and Jan Milavec (all from class 4. e) under the guidance of Mr Tadej Legat formed the first team named “Inovativa” (Innovation). The second team called “Kekci” (named after a Slovenian folk hero), consisted of Domen Hauko, Žan Podlesnik, Nik Podboj, and Jaka Pregelj (all from class 4.c) under the mentorship of Mr Nejc Marinič. This year’s challenge, presented representatives of (one of the biggest sales portals in Slovenia), was to create a system that makes their platform more profitable for physical users.

Inovativa’s solution was based on diverting transactions from physical cash to digital payment and collecting a small provision for every transaction. They sought to encourage digital payment by establishing a rating system for users as well as a credibility score based on the number of digital transactions. Kekci saw their solution in the form of a smaller payment for every published advertisement. The teams were given four days to perfect their ideas before the effects of the proposed solutions had to be analysed from every angle and presented in front of a jury.

At the end of the competition all eight participating teams presented their solutions and, after evaluating the presented ideas, the jury chose the three most innovative and realistic ones.

We were delighted to learn that Inovativa were awarded the overall second place in the competition. All the students involved had a great time being part of this project and are grateful to the mentors for helping us with this opportunity to learn more about the areas of business and technology. We would also like to thank all those involved in organising the competition.

Maja Kalin
Member of the Inovativa team

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