Dogodki in novice

Creative work: Life during a pandemic

Although our school doors have been closed since mid-March as part of the Slovenian government’s plan to limit the spread of COVID-19, students have been working hard through our online systems and with the help of their teachers to make sure that they keep on top of the curriculum and have a chance to express themselves.

One major project which took place during this time was in cooperation between the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum and Gimnazija Vič. Under the title of “Who am I in this time of the pandemic?” students from a number of English classes across all four years at Gimnazija Vič put together a range of creative pieces which allowed their personal thoughts and ideas to be shown.

From poems to short stories, diary entries to piece of haiku, and even a range of internet-inspired memes, there was a great display of talent on show. This is also true in terms of the areas on which the students chose to focus as we can see everything from the emotional side of isolation through to the ways of dealing with the practical issues regarding distance learning.

You can see the booklet which was produced at the end of the project by following the link below: