Dogodki in novice

MiniMUN Conference

On 14th January, students from the Gimnazija Vič UNESCO club organised a mini MUN conference at our school.

MUN stands for Model United Nations and is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and other important aspects of our modern world. In addition, it allows us to gain valuable language experience as all the sessions are held in the English language.

At this event, the students shifted back in time to the year 1988 to take part in a historic security committee on the topic of the Cold War. Every delegate had to represent their assigned country’s position for that time and, together with its allies, write a resolution. This is the goal of any MUN conference. We are happy to say that, for this session, the resolution was successfully presented and voted upon.

Essentially, we were there to rewrite history and very delegate did an amazing job at researching the themes and presenting their country. We are very pleased that so many new delegates joined the conference and are excited to host more in the future.

Anja Pavšič

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