Dogodki in novice

Celebrating Independence and Unity

In the week leading up to our Christmas holidays, students, under the mentorship of our Slovene teacher Ms Jana Ozimek, prepared a cultural event to commemorate Slovenian Independence and Unity Day. The main idea of the event, which was further enhanced by photography and pieces of art, was to recognise the beauty of our country, be aware and proud of our forebearers, and relish our cultural heritage.

Titled “I walked on our land” (“Hodil po zemlji sem naši”), after a verse from Duma, a poem by one of Slovenia’s most important poets, Župančič, the event featured student recitals of poetry, a dance performance, and several musical performances by our talented student-led orchestra and singers.

The event was held six times over a total of three days in order to stick to our country’s current pandemic guidelines. In light of this, the organisers and mentors would like to give special thanks to all the students who took their time to help create this wonderful event for both their peers and school staff.

Rok Sušnik

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