Dogodki in novice

Open Day 2021

With public health restrictions still in place, it was impossible for the annual Gimnazija Vič open day sessions to take place as usual. However, in the weeks leading up to the traditional date for this occasion, teachers, students, and members of the school leadership worked together to make sure that those young people who are making plans for the next steps in their educational journey would be able to find out more about our school and the many things we have to offer.

Towards the end of January and into February, teachers and project mentors gave a number of different online options for those primary school pupils who were keen to learn about the different classes and activities at Gimnazija Vič. Online sessions were organised where example classes were demonstrated, questions were answered by both teachers and students, and round table type discussions between students could be observed. With many young people from around Ljubljana signing up to watch and to take part in these, everyone involved was happy with the successes of the various projects.

One of the videos prepared for these sessions is based around a series of students discussing their thoughts about English as a subject at Gimnazija Vič.

On the days when the usual open day sessions should have been held, a range of different online conferences were available to prospective students and their families. These covered details of the way subjects are taught, preparation for exams, the facilities at Gimnazija Vič, aspects of pastoral care, our extracurricular activities, and other important issues for those thinking about choosing us for their secondary education.

In addition, our school website provided interactive presentations for our different departments, summaries of our most popular clubs and societies, and a virtual walk-through experience.

For those of our international website visitors who would like to know more about these, you can follow the link below to see the department headings which lead to the presentations. As foreign languages are likely to be of most interest to those from outside Slovenia, our recommendation is that you have a look at the pages for Angleščina (English) and Drugi tuji jezik (other foreign languages) (

While everyone involved was proud of the way the school was presented and the level of interaction we were able to have with our future students, we very much hope that we can open our doors to welcome all those with an interest in our school in the near future.