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Halloween 2022

On 25th October, the school’s English language book club was delighted to be able to organise an event for Halloween. Such things were unable to take place during Covid-related restrictions so it was a great return to tradition for our older students and a fantastic chance to experience something new for our younger generations.

The event started with the showing of a classic horror film from the 1970s. These old films are always a popular choice with the students as they are so different from the type of thing they usually take time to watch. Even when it comes to the horror genre itself, they were able to discuss how the style of filming and storytelling has changed over the years.

After this, there was the opportunity to get some reading suggestions and recommendations. Members of the book club and the group’s mentors were on hand to talk about some books they have enjoyed and a display was made of titles from the school library. The general theme was linked to books which would be a good choice to enjoy during the long, dark, wintery nights ahead of us.

Although, as you might expect, there were plenty of horror novels on show, the display also featured an entertaining mix of dark humour, fantasy, crime, and other genres which could be connected in some way to our main theme.

The students enjoyed having a look through the books on display and some made a point of reserving their choices from the novels to guarantee the chance of enjoying them over the half-term holidays at the end of the month.

The event concluded with the traditional “Quiz of Horrors”. Over five rounds, the teams had to demonstrate a wide range of Halloween-based knowledge taking in topics such as UK hauntings, horror movies, book titles, and traditions connected to the festival. The scores were close through the entire quiz with some lively discussions taking place as well. The winners were a team of students from across different year groups and they received a special Trick or Treat goody bag to enjoy.

We would like to thank all the students who turned up to enjoy the event, those who were part of the presentation, and the book club’s mentors for working to make sure the occasion was such an enjoyable success.

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