Dogodki in novice

“OD-KLOP” student performances

In the middle of October, the students of Gimnazija Vič filled the cold and gloomy autumn days with the sounds of music, dancing, and applause. Held in the school courtyard, students performed covers and original songs every day during the school’s main break for six consecutive days.

Dubbed “OD-KLOP” since its goal was to get students out of the classroom and bring them together after a long time of not being in school due to COVID-19, these half-hour concerts allowed students to relax and enjoy their peers’ music during the break.

The first student to perform was Domen Cvar, who, under the stage name Direktiva Zahod, showcased his first self-titled studio album. He impressed us all with his dark ambient trap music, mixed with orchestral elements and auto-tune poetry. (You can listen to Direktiva Zahod’s music here and on other streaming platforms.)

Shaking Gimnazija Vič to its core and driving away the cold with house rhythms, the second student to perform was Lev Gerbec Kralj, stage name Lyon. With his DJ set, he brought a real party-like atmosphere and got us all off our seats.

The next day, Rok Sušnik performed acoustic covers of Avril Lavigne, Pink, Paramore, Taylor Swift and Sia. He charmed the audience with his captivating and powerful voice and his ability on the piano. (You can watch a clip from his performance here.)

With acoustic renditions of their original songs, Birdland, a young rock boyband comprised of Nejc Rac, Vane Skubic, Luka Petrovčič and Jernej Fortuna, charmed their way into our hearts with beautiful and nostalgic melodies, and brought some much-needed heat. (You can listen to Birdland’s music here and on other streaming platforms.)

The second-to-last performer to spice up our main break was Peter Pongrac, stage name Male Ponco. Male Ponco is no stranger to performing at our school’s events, having released his debut rap, hip-hop, and trap album called Aura two years ago. This time he performed as yet unreleased songs, which will be a part of his upcoming album and other projects. He also had one of the main coordinating roles for the overall OD-KLOP project. (You can listen to Male Ponco’s music here and on other streaming platforms.)

Bringing the whole audience to their feet with his drum and bass, techno, trance, and rave DJ music, Filip Trplan definitely left a good impression and thus concluded the first ever OD-KLOP in style.

The organisers of this event would like to thank everyone who helped prepare the equipment every day, all of the performers, all of the teachers who supported us, and, most of all, everyone who watched, listened, and danced to every performance we put on. We hope this is just the beginning of such student-led events and cannot wait to organise another OD-KLOP as soon as we get the chance.

Rok Sušnik

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