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MUNLawS conference – December 2023

Seven members of our school’s UNESCO/MUN club took part in the biggest MUN (Model United Nations) conference in Slovenia, which was attended by well over two hundred and fifty high school and university students from all over the world. It was held from 1st to 3rd December at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana.

MUN events like this are educational simulations of UN conferences where students participate as representatives of different Member States of the UN and hold debates on some of the most pressing topics of today’s world. They test and improve their public speaking abilities, researching and writing skills, and their use of English as it is the official language of MUN.

The slogan of this year’s MUNLawS conference was ‘Lessons from the past, actions for the future’ and students had the chance to debate a wide range of topics. The students from our age group debated in high school editions of the Human Rights (HRC), North Atlantic (NATO), and Security (SC) Councils. Our delegation had representatives at each of the debates.

These debates were very exciting and their outcomes, at certain points, quite hard to predict. This was a good sign that we were all well prepared for the different elements of the event.

Towards the end of the three days, special awards were given out to delegates who had stood out in different ways during the conference. One Gimnazija Vič student, Katarina Adam, was presented with an Outstanding Delegate award.

Katarina Adam

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