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Model United Nations: “Connected - In Search of Solutions”

Gimnazija Vič recently came up with an international project: Povezani – v iskanju rešitev (Connected – In Search of Solutions). The key idea of this project was to stress the importance of responsibility, active participation of each individual, tolerance, non-violence, and working towards world peace.

Our aim was realized by addressing topics from the 2016 MUN (Model United Nations) Conference, organized by the Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono, in Cividale del Friuli, Italy with our student exchanges from Belgium, Hungary, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Ormož in Slovenia, as well as with our other partner schools.

In going to MUN conferences and by exploring the MUN topics our students acquire new knowledge about current global, social, and environmental problems, as well as improving our skills in speaking, argumentation, cultural dialogue, and collaborative work.

When students are put in the roles of delegates of different countries, they simultaneously learn about careers related to international operations, learn to accept diversity, and become aware of the necessity of harmony among different individuals, peoples, and nations.

Students also have the opportunity to establish a network of their peers from different cultural backgrounds through the very nature of the exchange programmes. But most importantly, by working on the project, students develop into responsible, socially critical, tolerant and open-minded individuals.

This project aims to stress the importance of working together in finding solutions to pressing world issues and crises which are happening in real time and on an international scale, thus achieving far greater results than when we do not co-operate.

Achievements – CFMUN2016

Gimnazija Vič was happy with the outcome with 4 of our students' resolutions and one sentence in the Security Council being accepted, as well as several of our students' amendments.

One of our students also came in 3rd place among the best delegates in the RCRC (Red Cross and Red Crescent) committee.

Julia Vulić, MUN at Gimnazija Vič

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