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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

On 27 January, on the day known as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we commemorate the six million Jewish lives lost as well as the millions of other victims of Nazism.

For several years now, Gimnazija Vič has marked the day by watching films, preparing displays, and organising debates on the subject. These have taken place in our regular classes and have involved our school’s UNESCO Club.

This year, due to us not having the chance to meet in person, members of the school’s UNESCO Club prepared a short video in which we read out quotes from the holocaust survivor Viktor E. Frankl which were presented alongside several artworks by other holocaust survivors. During the last week of January, the video was shown to students during their class periods so we all got the chance to reflect on this terrible time in history while also think about what we can do to improve the future for everyone in society.

Maja Kalin
Gimnazija Vič UNESCO Club