Dogodki in novice

Octopus Project

Our school’s counselling team is always coming up with ideas for boosting good relations among our students and to help everyone at our school to have a positive impact on the local community.

One recent project that has proved successful in these ways is the Octopus Project group which started this school year and has had regular meetings to work on creating small, cotton Octopus figures which are then given to the local maternity hospital.

The first such project is believed to have been started in Denmark in 2013 but the idea has spread around the world with thousands of crocheted octopus figures being made by volunteers to be given to premature babies. The reason the octopus was chosen was because the tentacles are supposed to resemble an umbilical cord so it reassures the baby by reminding it of the time spent in the womb.

Our group was very happy with the chance to learn a new crafting skill and to help make something that has such a positive impact on the very early days of these babies’ lives. We would like to thank Ms Klara Vrbnjak for coming up with the idea of having the group in our school and for organising our weekly meetings.

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