Dogodki in novice

GENIUS Olympiad 2017

In June 2017, two of our students travelled with their mentor from Gimnazija Vič, Ms. Alenka Mozer, to the USA to present their projects as part of the GENIUS international sustainable project olympiad.

There was a great deal of competition to get a place to present your work in this way with 2484 projects submitted in the science category of which less than one third were selected for the finals. At this final event, 74 countries were represented by over a thousand delegates.

We are very pleased to announce that Domen Pregeljc won a gold medal for his project “Can Multiscale Simulation Explain Neuropsychiatric Disorders (Insight into Monoamine Oxidase B Point Mutation)” and Tadej Strah was awarded a silver medal for his work on a DIY Gimbal for a Smaller Camera.

With such fierce competition, the hard work of the students and their mentors should be applauded and additional thanks are given to those from other institutions who helped them along their way.

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