Dogodki in novice

Health Week 2023

Every year, 7th April is marked as World Health Day and teachers across different departments at Gimnazija Vič use this as inspiration for a range of special classes, presentations, and activities.

This year, led by our biology and physical education departments, we were able to expand our knowledge in both practical and theoretical ways during the second week of April. The philosophy for this year’s programme of events was the slogan, “Health For All”.

As well as the presentations organised through the regular classes, we were delighted to welcome several experts from different medical fields who gave lectures to our students in a wide range of topics including mental health, dental care, cancer testing and prevention, and brain injury and rehabilitation.

We would like to thank the teachers from the school departments for organising such an interesting programme, the visiting lecturers who took time from their very busy schedules to be with us, and the members of our canteen team who finished the week of events by working with a group of students to prepare a range of healthy refreshments.

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