Dogodki in novice

School visit: Singapore – May 2023

On 17th May, we were delighted to welcome a delegation from Singapore to Gimnazija Vič as part of their visit to Slovenia.

The group was made up of vice principals and education-based experts who are part of the Leaders in Education Programme, a course designed for current and future school leadership teams in which they can gain essential skills and competencies for guiding the education system forward in Singapore.

Their visit began with a short tour of the school led by several students. As well as seeing the facilities available for different classes and activities, they were able to take the time to discuss what life is like at Gimnazija Vič.

The next part of the visit focused on a presentation from our students from which our guests were able to find out more about Slovenia, the education system here, the way that our school is run, and the many extracurricular activities on offer. This was followed by an enthusiastic discussion with a group of students during which our guests found out more about issues such as stress levels among young people, how the school system could be improved, and their hopes and fears for the future.

After a chance to enjoy some traditional Slovenian food and refreshments, the delegation sat down with our own school's leadership and representatives of our teaching staff to discuss some of the most important issues facing educational communities in the modern world. The topics covered a range of themes from the role of different elements of technology in the classroom to how we can work with our students to make sure that they have an active role within their wider society.

Through a lively exchange of ideas, we were all able to learn something new and having the chance to compare different societies and their education system is always a valuable experience.

Our school takes pride in being able to welcome international guests like this and we hope that the foundations laid during this visit will lead to further cooperation in the future.

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