Dogodki in novice

SCHOOL VISIT: The Netherlands

On 3rd October, Gimnazija Vič was pleased to welcome a team of educational experts from the Netherlands who were invited to our school to learn more about how an institution like ours works in terms of regular classes and extracurricular activities.

As well as hearing about the general education system in Slovenia and some special aspects to our own school, there was a large part of the presentation dedicated to all the extra projects and events which are available through all the different subjects at Gimnazija Vič.

After the planned part of the presentation, the students of the school’s promotions group and the group’s mentors took part in a discussion with the guests which covered a range of topics including pride in one’s school, the format and times of the school timetable, how students can be kept interested in what they are learning, and the great value of foreign languages as part of regular education and extra activities.

We would like to thank this group for taking the time during their stay in Ljubljana to call in to our school and for showing such an interest in what we offer to students who choose to continue their education at Gimnazija Vič. Such visits are a great way of sharing different ideas and for learning about how things work in other countries.

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