Dogodki in novice

Open Day 2016

In February, along with other schools and colleges across Slovenia, Gimnazija Vič opened its doors to potential students as part of a series of open day events. These occasions are designed to allow young people and their families to find out more about what goes on at our school in terms of the format of education, the content of different subjects, and the opportunities to take part in extra projects and activities.

Each session started with an official welcome from our principal which gave the audience a chance to understand the importance of cooperation and communication between those who teach at our school and those who are there to learn. The speech went on to mention some of the major accomplishments of Gimnazija Vič students over the past year (covering awards in competitions and achievements in a range of other projects) as well as about how our school cooperates with other national and international institutions to increase the opportunities available to our students.

After hearing from some representatives of the student community, everyone was divided up into different groups so they could enjoy a tour of our school. Teachers and students have worked hard over the past couple of months to put together presentations and displays to demonstrate what is available to students as part of both regular classes and extracurricular activities.

With over a thousand people attending these open day events, they prove an important way of allowing primary school pupils to discover more about what our school offers as they make the important decisions regarding their education and to give them the possibility to ask specific questions about courses and extra activities. Above all, it encourages them to consider Gimnazija Vič as the right choice for the next stage of their academic journey.

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