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NATIONAL AWARD: "The Apple of Inspiration"

We are delighted to announce that the school year has come to an end with our principal, Alenka Krapež, being given a major national award connected to her role in the many successes of our school.

"The Apple of Inspiration" is presented by the President of Slovenia to those who have made a substantial contribution to society.

In presenting this award, the President spoke of the great achievements of Gimnazija Vič in relation to science projects and other international awards. He praised our principal for her focus on building an atmosphere of creativity in which students can thrive and fulfil their potential. Cooperation was said to be the key here, with our school having a strong network with other educational and research institutions both in Slovenia and abroad.

On receiving the award, Ms Krapež announced that she was accepting it on behalf of the entire team that she works with at Gimnazija Vič. She stressed that all areas of education and society are valuable in giving opportunities to our students. In conclusion, she made it clear that our school believes that cooperation and mutual support are essential parts in our successes so far and what we plan to go on to achieve in the future.

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