Dogodki in novice

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

This year for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which takes place annually on the 27th of January, students of the UNESCO club of Gimnazija Vič made an interactive exhibition, in which all fellow students could take part.

Students and teachers could hang an origami dove, made by members of the UNESCO club, on a frame to give the symbolism of releasing the soul of one of the many Holocaust victims. After they did this, they were given a piece of paper with a picture of their symbolically-freed victim and a short biography of their life.

With this exhibition, we in the UNESCO club of Gimnazija Vič wanted to raise awareness about what can happen when society goes to such terrible extremes by providing something touching, so that everyone could remember an individual from the many, and think of how such terrible events much never be allowed to happen again.

Julia Vulić, UNESCO Club of Gimnazija Vič

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