Dogodki in novice

School Visit: Italy – January 2023

For a couple of days at the end of January, we were delighted to welcome a small delegation from Instituto d'Istruzione Superiore Olivetti in Turin, Italy.

The delegation involved both teaching staff and school leadership. Their purpose in coming to visit our school was to find out more about our teaching styles, the subjects available to our students, and the extracurricular activities on offer to those who attend Gimnazija Vič. In addition, there are strong hopes that this will act as the start of a proper link between our schools for international projects and exchanges.

As well as getting the chance to attend some classes and discuss aspects of teaching life with our colleagues, the delegation were treated to a special presentation about our school by some of the students who make up our promotions group. They were especially interested in learning about the different projects which take place outside regular school hours. As a representation of the creative writing that goes on at our school, they were presented with several collections of poetry and short stories written by our students to enjoy.

The visit ended with a discussion about future cooperation and we very much look forward to making the most of this potential in the years ahead.

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