Dogodki in novice

IATEFL video competition 2020

The new year started with some good news for a group students from our 2F class who had taken part in the video competition organised by IATEFL.

The contest is open to all second year students across Slovenia and the task is to create a short video that has to fulfil certain criteria set out by the organisation. This year's video had to deal with the theme of “Heroes” and use an element of a vlog format. In addition, as in other years, the script had to include a set of ten specific words or phrases.

Our group worked hard on a script that featured a global organisation called H.E.R.O. (Help and Encouragement of Respect Organisation) which worked to encourage people to do something, no matter how small, to help others in their community. With scenes including helping someone rebuild their home, carrying a heavy package for an elderly woman at a market, and stopping an attempted robbery in the street, they made sure that their ideas were clear to see.

The students also had to work on the acting and technical side of the project. The video had to be under four minutes in length and they all had to play some sort of active role in front of the camera as well. They went beyond this and even came up with original pieces of music to act as background for some scenes as well.

We are pleased to announce that the judging panel awarded the group a bronze prize.

Congratulations to Gaja Bergant, Matej Mivšek, Maja Puklavec, Klemen Remec, and Pia Sivec for their achievement and thanks to their mentors from the school’s English department for their work with the students through the different stages of preparation for the competition.