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BOOK CLUB: Christmas 2017

The Gimnazija Vič Book Club marked the start of the Christmas season with a number of events and projects covering a range of themes to do with this special time of year.

One aspect was the promotion of different books to be enjoyed. This is important as one of the main complaints from students is that, due to the pressure of work from their regular classes, they don’t have enough time to read and enjoy the books they would like. As the Christmas break allows for over a week away from school, students wanted to get some recommendations as to what they might like to take away from our library shelves.

With general ideas covering books which take the reader to a different part of the world, try and solve a grisly murder, enjoy an unexpected romance, and much more besides, the book club mentors put forward something for students with all different tastes to appreciate.

Through the day, there were opportunities for students to listen to presentations of poetry. These pieces were selected to focus on a different part of Christmas history or one of the traditions we know so well.

Another popular part of the celebrations was the annual quiz at which students had their chance to show off their knowledge of traditions, Christmas entertainment, and how much they could remember about the major news stories of 2017. It was a close competition as always and the eventual winning team got a selection of sweet treats to enjoy.

With other smaller events going on concerning Christmas and New Year traditions, as well as different ways of promoting the English section of the school library through book displays and reading challenges, there was plenty to get students full of festive spirit and into the right frame of mind to enjoy the holidays.

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