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SCHOOL VISIT: Republic of Korea

On 23rd May 2017, Gimnazija Vic was pleased to welcome a delegation of teachers and education experts from the Republic of Korea.

The event started with the president of the education committee of Seoul Metropolitan Council giving a speech to some of our teachers and students in which he picked up on the differences between the two nations but emphasised many of the ways in which we are so alike. He mentioned the importance of education, not only for a country’s economy, but for its overall strength and wellbeing.

The group was in Slovenia to get some experience of what life is like in schools here and to learn more about the education system in general. With that in mind, our school’s promotions group had put together a presentation which covered the different elements of education in Slovenia while giving special focus to what we believe makes our school special.

From learning about the different subjects taught at Gimnazija Vic to the philosophies and goals of our school, the delegation displayed a keen interest in this broad subject.

A special focus was given to how our school works to encourage students to develop and boost their own passions and interests to create a system in which young people enjoy increasing their own knowledge.

After the presentation, there was a lengthy questions and answers session in which both students and teachers were given the chance to give responses regarding themes such as cooperation between schools and universities, the involvement of parents in the school system, and the importance of time management when fitting in both regular classes and extracurricular activities.

One element which was put in the spotlight at this point was the need for strong connections between other institutions in one’s own country and further afield and we are always happy to build such bonds through visits such as this.

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