Dogodki in novice

Slovenian Book Fair 2022

Creativity has no limits.

With this in mind, students from Gimnazija Vič showed innovation and maturity at the Slovenian Book Fair this year. Three 4th year students (Nina Smole, David Zupan, and Katja Schrader) took part in a discussion on Ibsen's Nora (A Doll's House) - this year's final reading - and talked about freedom and its limits, how Nora was able to free herself in the face of society's expectations, and the inner humiliation of a partner's relationship.

From this experience, we can say that being able to participate in such an event was a pleasant change in our studying habits. We were asked to read the play before the event, we talked a bit about it in class, and then some more just among us three, which really helped us to understand the topic from different points of view. It was this understanding that really shaped our conversation at the event and made it even more valuable.

Being part of an event like this truly helped us to internalize the issues presented in the play and we hope that others who were there that day were able to benefit from listening to our contributions to the discussion.

Nina Smole
Katja Schrader

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