Dogodki in novice

IATEFL video competition 2019

2019 began with good news for a group of second year students at Gimnazija Vič as they learned they had won the top prize at this year’s video competition organised by IATEFL Slovenia.

For this national competition, the students had to work on a short video production based on the general theme of “Imagine” although the task was made much harder due to the rules connected to the script. The final text had to include a list of twelve words chosen by the judges to demonstrate the students’ knowledge in terms of both use of language and the appropriate type of tone and context.

From the brainstorming session at the beginning in which they put down the ideas they had in mind for the project as a whole, right through to the final video editing, they all worked hard on the script and the video itself. The writing, editing, acting, and video production all had to be carried out by the five members of the team.

The task of writing the script involved several rewrites and the students were helped by their mentors in the English department Blanka Klobučar and Tim Gallagher. Not only did they have to put together a good storyline but the students had to use all the words in the original list in precisely the right way.

With all the hard work taken into consideration, it was great news to hear that the team had been awarded a gold prize in the competition and were named at the top of the list of all the groups competing. This is worthy of a special mention as groups took part from schools right across Slovenia.

Congratulations to Eva Brank, Urban Širca, Nikolina Vulović, Jaka Suhodolčan, and Ema Hočevar for their great success in this competition.