Dogodki in novice

Physics Advent calendar – December 2022

During the month of December, students at Gimnazija Vič had the chance to be part of a special Advent calendar based around the world of physics. This was the result of cooperation between different schools, colleges, and educational institutions in different countries. The main idea was that a different experiment was carried out every day which often had a surprising result. Students then had the chance to learn more about the science behind the experiment through a set of video presentations.

As well as taking part and observing the different experiments, students were asked to predict what they thought would happen and a record was kept of their correct guesses. Of all the groups involved, 1C proved to have been the most successful and, as a reward for their good knowledge, had their regular physics class interrupted by our school’s principal who presented them with a cake to enjoy.

Additional applause should go to Anej Košorok from 1F who had the most correct predictions of all the individual students involved in the project. As a special prize, he received an interesting comic strip book based on the life and work of Albert Einstein.

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