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Language Week 2022

While the school year always begins with plenty to arrange and organise across all subjects, the language departments go straight into planning for the last week of September which is when our school celebrates Language Week.

This is connected to the European Day of Languages which is marked annually on 26 September. Around this time, different organisations work to acknowledge how the understanding of different languages is an important tool for appreciating culture and heritage across Europe.

In Gimnazija Vič, special classes were organised for different year groups based around the languages which are taught at our school. In addition, the higher-level English classes had the opportunity to learn more about the languages and dialects of the British Isles.

We were very happy to go beyond our own walls this year by inviting a representative of the Liszt Institute to speak to our students. This incredibly interesting presentation allowed them to learn, not only things about the Hungarian language, but about the broader culture of Hungary as well.

With a similar idea, one class got a surprise when they were introduced to a delegation of Swedish teachers who were visiting as preparation for future cooperation and exchanges. Through an entertaining discussion, our students had the chance to present the basics of the Slovene language while also learning some simple words and phrases in Swedish.

The events were not limited to the classroom though. Every day, thanks to the hard work of our school canteen management and staff, special menus were provided to represent different countries and cultures. From fish & chips to goulash, and Eton mess to crepes, there was something for those of all tastes to enjoy.

The experience was added to by special musical playlists being available during the school's main break. These presentations of songs and music were specially selected by the native speakers and foreign teachers who work at Gimnazija Vič so it was a good opportunity for our students to hear something a bit different from the typical radio selections.

We would like to thank all those who took time to prepare extra classes, who came to our school to deliver special presentations, who worked hard on the displays and posters which decorated the corridors during the week, and who did all the work behind the scenes to make this year's Language Week such a success.

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