Dogodki in novice

“Education is GREAT” university event

On 6th September three students from Gimnazija Vič attended a special event organised and hosted by the British embassy for those Slovenian students who have plans to study in the UK.

Due to the high demand for such an event, everyone who had an interest in attending had to provide a short essay or video giving details about their plans for future study and why they would like to attend a British university. For this they worked with their mentor in the English department to make sure that the ideas they had were put forward clearly and in a way that got positive attention.

At the event, the current generation of secondary level students were able to find out more about choosing the right course at British universities, the nature of the funding system, and some other practical points about studying abroad.

As well as the formal side, everyone who attended was able to enjoy some traditional British food and drinks while having a relaxed chat with others who share the ambition of studying in the UK and those who have already enjoyed such an experience.

The occasion also allowed them to become part of a network of students who will share information as they continue on the path towards their next stage of education.

UK Embassy Facebook video of the event