Dogodki in novice

Photography exhibition: Cityscapes

The end of November saw a new look being unveiled for the atrium of our school canteen with a display of photographs taken and curated by our students being put on show.

Under the mentorship of Tina Ramujkić, who has worked with our students on several impressive photography projects over the years, the group put together a collection of photographs based around the general theme of cities. Not only did this cover Ljubljana but also other locations they have visited and that have acted as inspiration for their creativity.

As well as showing a general flair for capturing images, the project included the opportunity for those involved to develop their digital photography skills.

Congratulations to Ariana Butina, Delvin Flisek, Tadej Strah, Rok Torkar, Domen Hauko, Zala Arh, and Matic Velepič whose work is now on display and which can be enjoyed by everyone at our school.

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