Dogodki in novice

Field trip to Novo Mesto

In October, third-year students went on a one-day field trip to Novo mesto where we familiarised ourselves with literary authors and other artists connected to the city. We visited the Miran Jarc Library and the Dolenjska Museum, took a stroll around the city centre, and went on a raft ride down the river Krka.

First, we were given the grand tour of Miran Jarc Library by their resident librarian, who, later on, also accompanied us on our literary tour of Novo mesto, telling us stories and facts about the city’s rich history. During this tour, students recited and listened to the poems of Dragotin Kette, Oton Župančič, Podbevšek, and Miran Jarc, who all called Novo mesto their home in one way or another. We also went to see an exhibition on the life and work of Slavko Grum, a renowned Slovenian dramatist and novelist.

In the Dolenjska Museum, we went to see an archaeological exhibition focused mainly on prehistoric history. Then, in Jakčev Dom, we listened to an interesting lecture on the main historical agents of Novomeška Pomlad, a very important cultural and artistic movement that was organised by the numerous artists of Novo mesto in 1920.

Lastly, the most exhilarating part of the whole trip was the raft ride down the river Krka, where we heard the story of Primičeva Julija, who, in her last years, lived in Novo mesto and is also buried there. Moreover, the raft ride allowed us to see the city from a charming and different perspective, one which was especially beautiful considering the warm autumn day.

Rok Sušnik

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