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VičMUN 2023

Gimnazija Vič hosted its first Model United Nations (MUN) conference since the COVID-19 pandemic on the 29th and 30th of September 2023.

MUN is an educational simulation of a United Nations conference, through which students learn about diplomacy and international relations, as well as improve their public speaking, debating, researching, team working, and English language skills. VičMUN 2023 hosted two committees, the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, together attended by 40 delegates from a number of Slovenian secondary schools (Druga Gimnazija Maribor, Gimnazija Bežigrad, Gimnazija Celje Center, Gimnazija Jožeta Plečnika, GImnazija Poljane, Gimnazija Ledina, Gimnazija Ptuj, and our own school, Gimnazija Vič).

The event started with an opening ceremony in which VičMUN’s mentor, Ms Mojca Kosi, our principal, Ms Alenka Krapež, and our special guests, Maja Kalin and Sara Žibrat. Their speeches were accompanied by musical performances of a viola and flute duo (Ana Krevh and Filip Juvančič). This occasion meant that the VičMUN 2023 conference was officially inaugurated.

The Security Council debated on the topic of global cybersecurity issues. It was chaired by our school’s fourth year student Lana Savanović and Nadja Šarić, a former student of our school. All delegates collaborated on a joint resolution, sponsored by the delegations of France and Ghana.

Both committees’ best delegates were representatives of France. Mitja Korošec from Druga Gimnazija Maribor won best delegate in the SC and Viktorija Brecl from Gimnazija Celje Center in the HRC. Arja Ela Hvala, Katarina Adam, Sara Ahmetašević, Maša Vujasinović, David Marinšek, and Ana Pšeničnik won the Honourable Mention awards.

An event like this would not be possible without many people working behind the scenes. We would like to thank all those who worked on the administrative tasks which allowed the conference to run smoothly, the Gimnazija Vič Student Council who organised the movie night which also served as the main VičMUN social event, Ms Eva Jelen who organised the incredible catering for all delegates and staff, and other members of the school team who helped with the organisation which was coordinated by a team of students (Anja Pavšič, Katarina Adam, Ana Krevh, Žiga Kovačič, Lana Savanović, and Miha Dragojevič), with the help of our group’s mentor, Ms Mojca Kosi.

Katarina Adam
Photos by: Eva Skeledžija, Denis Pavlin, Mojca Kosi

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