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Book Club: Christmas 2022

Our school’s English language book club was happy to be able to continue with its plan for the school year by having a special event to mark Christmas and the festive season on 13th December.

The afternoon was set aside to enjoy some different things planned by the book club’s mentors as a way of looking at some different traditions, especially those observed in the UK and Ireland, while also finding some new things to appreciate at this special time of year.

The first part of the event involved watching a Christmas comedy special. Rather than going for the usual films and TV shows which have been seen numerous times by the students, special effort was put into finding something that was unlikely to have been seen before. The loud laughter coming from the room was certainly a sign that this was a good choice.

We then moved on to hearing about some book suggestions which were seen as particularly suitable for the holidays. A wide range of titles were covered including wintery murder mysteries, books which play around with the traditional themes of Christmas, and novels which take the reader far away from the cold and grey weather to much sunnier climes.

The last part of the event was a quiz connected to Christmas and New Year traditions and entertainment. The different rounds allowed the students to show off a lot of different knowledge including spelling skills, things to do with popular Christmas films, and trying to recognise celebrities who had been hidden under Santa Claus disguises.

The rounds went by quickly with plenty of enthusiasm from the teams. It was close throughout with a couple of teams fighting for first place from the very start. Congratulations ended up going to a group of 2nd

year students who surged ahead in the final round and were presented with a selection of sweet treats to enjoy over the holidays.

A lot of work goes into these events by the team behind the English book club but it is always worth it when so many different aspects of reading and other things to do with the language can be enjoyed. We look forward to other such projects in the future.

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