Dogodki in novice

A new school year 2022/23

On 1 September, Gimnazija Vič joined other schools across Slovenia in reopening our doors to our students after the long summer break.

Our older students were able to come back and meet up with their classmates again as they got their new timetables for the year ahead.

Special projects and events were organised for our new generation of first year students in order to give them a chance to meet and make friends within their new class groups, learn more about the facilities at our school, and get to grips with their new timetables and lesson plans.

As well as things put together for them in the school itself, the class teachers for the different groups travelled with them for a set of special camps in the Slovenian countryside. These are a successful way for students to get to know each other and to build good connections within their classes and across the year group.

These camps included a range of sports and games, creative activities, and team-building exercises which all work together to give students the best chance possible to start their new school with confidence.

We would like to welcome our new generation of students to Gimnazija Vič and, along with those who are already established within our school community, wish them the very best for the year ahead.

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