Dogodki in novice

Student book launch – Rok Sušnik

On 11th October, I had the opportunity to present my English-Slovene poetry collection, Ego, to an auditorium full of literature-loving students and teachers. The collection, which was published at the end of last term and made under the mentorship of Blanka Klobučar and Tim Gallagher, also features illustrations done by one of our now-former students, Maja Puklavec.

In a relaxed atmosphere, I read several of my poems aloud and discussed their meaning and the inspiration behind them. The collection tackles questions of identity and individualism with a unique poetic voice that is critical towards our cruel and cutthroat society yet also appreciative of its beauty, and offers insight into the author’s perception of the world over four distinct chapters. The poems, interlaced with contrasts between nature and modern society, are connected to each other through the lens of an individual’s need for understanding the fundamental concepts of humanity and self, and can be summed up in one simple question – “Who am I?”

Rok Sušnik

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