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Haiku Competitions 2022

Through this school year, a team of creative mentors at Gimnazija Vič were hard at work to organise competitions for haiku poetry at both a national and international level.

The national haiku competition is well established in Slovenian creative circles. Over the years, students from all across Slovenia have presented their work in different languages using the style of this succinct and precise form of writing. Prizes are awarded for pieces in Slovene, English, Spanish, and German.

The best pieces were given a place in the annual anthology which accompanies the project and were performed to an audience at a special event held at our school in May. The students who were involved in the presentation side of things made sure that the work was appreciated in a range of different ways.

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On an international level, the annual competition brings together schools from different countries and allows them to show their creativity through writing in the English language. This year, schools from Slovenia, Turkey, Italy, and Croatia were represented in the project. As with the other competition, the standard of writing was very high and the judges were impressed with the images presented and the level of language on display.

A special booklet was printed to allow the shortlisted pieces to be enjoyed by as many people as possible although it is sad to reflect that international travel restrictions meant that we were not able to arrange an event to welcome visitors from our partner schools to Slovenia on this occasion.

With both projects, we congratulate all those young writers who received special commendations and thank the creative writing mentors from the different schools involved.

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