Dogodki in novice

Welcoming a new generation of students (2019)

Gimnazija Vič has always had a strong tradition of taking time to make sure that new students who come to our school are made to feel welcome and get the chance to establish themselves within the different networks in place in terms of activities, interests, and passions at our school.

This year was no exception and we were thrilled to welcome a new generation of eager first-year students when school started in September.

While the first few days was spent making new friends within their class group and getting to know their teachers, all the year groups soon had the chance to establish these bonds even further by going into the Slovenian countryside and taking part in a range of activities organised through our annual “Getting to know each other” camp.

Once these younger students were back in school and given time to get a bit more settled into their new environment, our student council organised another important tradition to officially welcome them into the school community.

The Fazanski Krst (literally “Pheasants’ Baptism”) for 2019 had the theme of “Construction” so the older students donned hard hats and high-visibility clothing to lead the first-year teams in a range of different games and challenges in which they had to win points for their class team. While the activities were a lot of fun, the competition aspect was also strong as the winning class get to go on an extra daytrip at the end of the school year.

It was a great start to the year and their time at Gimnazija Vič for this new generation and we wish them well as they start their journey of four years with us.

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