Art and Music

It is always viewed as important that students at Gimnazija Vič get a chance to express themselves creatively during their time here. This can be done in a variety of different ways depending on the skills and interests of the students involved.

For those interested in music, there is a very popular school choir which plays an important role in many of the major events through the school year. The school also encourages those who play musical instruments by offering facilities for practice and the opportunity to perform at various events and concerts.

In terms of art, students across all four years at Gimnazija Vič have the chance to display their creativity through painting, sculpture, mosaic, and photography. Many of the artistic pieces created by our students go on to be used as important elements of the decoration of our school. This allows those involved in the different activities to share their work with those who attend and visit our school while giving everyone here the chance to take pride in such creativity.