Creative writing

Students at Gimnazija Vič are encouraged to express themselves in their native language and the other languages taught at our school.

When it comes to Slovene, a number of the most talented students are selected every year to be specially mentored by teachers and writers as part of a project which concludes with their own work being published and made available right across the country.

Other languages are represented through writing workshops and competitions which are held at different points through the year. Gimnazija Vič has a long history of promoting the writing of haiku poetry and students can enter a national competition in which they can write in any of the languages taught at our school.

This international aspect is continued by a major international writing competition, again involving haiku poetry, for which our school plays a key role in the organisation. Students get the chance to have their work judged by panels of international writers and experts, as well as getting the opportunity to travel to different countries to hear their work being performed.

Bringing it back to a more local level, our school organises an annual short story competition for primary and secondary schools from the Ljubljana region. For this, students select a title from a list prepared every year and write a short story in the English language. The best are invited to a presentation event held annually as part of our World Book Night celebrations at Gimnazija Vič.